A short note on… Settling down

Moving is hard,

And i don’t mean only mentally, it’s physically and spiritually exhausting.

Also, getting all the essentials down for day to day life without the parents there to constantly re-fill the fridge/freezer, damn, even the toilet paper – it’s tough.

I am however almost settled in the beautiful, yet small, town of Hatfield. The people here seem to be lovely and I can’t wait to mingle!

Will hopefully be back with random notes on important design-y stuff soon!


A short note on … Wall Shelving

I came across this today. A folding Shelving system by Mark Kinsley.

Fold-out Shelving system

Fold-out Shelving system

The general consensus is a positive one for this innovative piece of storage, after all the basics are quite positive. Who doesn’t want a big modern art piece that conveniently folds into a shelving system?

But i see one possible flaw, and that is the visual impact once some shelves are used. Don’t you think that once you have your trinkets on the wall, as colorful as they may be, they may visually clash with the rest of the photograph?
Also convenience, if you need a shelve human nature dictates that you will need said shelving for a long time and i am pretty sure it will be very inconvenient to put down all your trinkets to show off your new toy.

Now this on the other hand – by designer Yoon-Zee Kim , is a much more stylish and multifunctional design. But maybe I am biased for i love everything multifunctional or modular.

Wall Wave

Wall Wave

Overall I like the concept, but it’s evident it was more for art’s rather than design’s sake, so i wouldn’t get me one after weighting all the pros and cons, how about you?

A short note on… Beginner’s Web Design

I recently had a stroke of inspiration to create my own website.

After alot of tinkering, thinking, swimming in code, i decided that simple is better. The result might not be visually stunning but it works for me… for now.

If you are like me then there were times when you had to do something small, simple, and yet time consuming, and you wished there was something out there that could do it for you. Now now, don’t be shy, laziness is human nature, repetative = boring and time has become too valuable nowadays.

Below are some tools that I have found useful in the past along with what i think are essential to a successfull begginer’s design workflow.

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A short note on… hot liquids.

Sometimes i notice things that make me think something upstairs has become dislodged…


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A short note on…Design jobs

Everyone dreams of having a good job. No matter how the criteria veries for everyone, weather it’s money, power, luxury or simply happiness, we all wonder what our future will hold.

After doing my fair amount of looking around for the latest word on future careers this is a short summary of the top 10 design jobs with the best prospects:

1. Game Designer – Let’s face it … people love games, our daily lives push us to strive for alienation from the constant flow of meaningless information and the stress of our daily take-out-the-trash-and-don’t-forget-to-pick-up-come-milk lives.

2. Animator – I am not biased or anything, but i do believe that this career has the potential of being a dream job for someone who loves breathing life into their imagination.Like game design, we need to give people somewhere to escape to.

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A short note on … classical concerts.

Well I just came home after a beautiful evening. My mother performed at an operatic concert which i have to say i greatly enjoyed. I think i have made up my mind as to my favourite opera composer, it has to be Verdi, i just love his style.

I believe a lot can be learned from the nature of Opera, beauty in the drama of life. A lot of inspiration can be found within the stories woven by these great artists.

I greatly enjoyed the evening, Donizetti, Verdi and Mozart just to name a few of the composers whose pieces were performed.

God sometimes i feel so old for my age 😉

New Website

Hello there!

I have been offline for a few years now, some of you might know me from my livejournal – shippy4life.livejournal.com.

For those of you who don’t here is a short bio:

My name is Kaya Jabar,

I am 19 years old,

I love all things design,

I dream of becoming a professional computer animator – starting my BA in 3d animation on the 28th September 2009 at the University of Hertsfordshire,

I love – a simple statement that can describe me…fun loving but with a rather short fuse ( I am working on it);

I created this blog to give you a glimpse into the life of a dreamer, a girl from a simple upbringing, ok…poor upringing that loves to work hard to achieve what she wants!

This is my life… a dreamer’s honest opinion on …  stay tuned!

Official Website – www.kayajabar.com (forever under construction)