A short note on…Design jobs

Everyone dreams of having a good job. No matter how the criteria veries for everyone, weather it’s money, power, luxury or simply happiness, we all wonder what our future will hold.

After doing my fair amount of looking around for the latest word on future careers this is a short summary of the top 10 design jobs with the best prospects:

1. Game Designer – Let’s face it … people love games, our daily lives push us to strive for alienation from the constant flow of meaningless information and the stress of our daily take-out-the-trash-and-don’t-forget-to-pick-up-come-milk lives.

2. Animator – I am not biased or anything, but i do believe that this career has the potential of being a dream job for someone who loves breathing life into their imagination.Like game design, we need to give people somewhere to escape to.

3. Interior Designer – Habitats, being in control of your environment is a pretty powerful thing, people love to personalise and the rewards of hiring the right designer (never mind being the one) can be great!

4. Architect – Something i think will forever be in demand, someone who can maximise the potential of the space around us, no?

5. Graphic Designer – Communicating Visual information can help a business, good design sells and people are slowly realising that fact. Of course one needs to learn to distinguish a good designer from the average-shmo that has an illegal Photoshop copy and likes to play around with the shiny tools

6. Mobile Designer – A shiny new phone makes people happy… we do live in a material world after all… more shiny new phones, more happy people… right?

7. Web Designer – The beast is constantly growing, so logically we need more and more people to feed it.

8.Art Director – Direction, management,success is all about organisation and vision. Some might agree with me when I say we need more vision and less bureaucracy!

9. Product Designer – It’s all about design, design makes people happy, i have great respect for this career path and when done well it can inspire beauty!

10. Fashion Designer – Clothes make people happy… see “Mobile Designer”

Thoughts? Drop me a line with why you think these sectors are growing.


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