A short note on … Wall Shelving

I came across this today. A folding Shelving system by Mark Kinsley.

Fold-out Shelving system

Fold-out Shelving system

The general consensus is a positive one for this innovative piece of storage, after all the basics are quite positive. Who doesn’t want a big modern art piece that conveniently folds into a shelving system?

But i see one possible flaw, and that is the visual impact once some shelves are used. Don’t you think that once you have your trinkets on the wall, as colorful as they may be, they may visually clash with the rest of the photograph?
Also convenience, if you need a shelve human nature dictates that you will need said shelving for a long time and i am pretty sure it will be very inconvenient to put down all your trinkets to show off your new toy.

Now this on the other hand – by designer Yoon-Zee Kim , is a much more stylish and multifunctional design. But maybe I am biased for i love everything multifunctional or modular.

Wall Wave

Wall Wave

Overall I like the concept, but it’s evident it was more for art’s rather than design’s sake, so i wouldn’t get me one after weighting all the pros and cons, how about you?


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  1. Esteban on

    I love the ‘fold out’ thing it’s really cool, and to be honest I dont like wall wave that much.


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