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New Website

Hello there!

I have been offline for a few years now, some of you might know me from my livejournal –

For those of you who don’t here is a short bio:

My name is Kaya Jabar,

I am 19 years old,

I love all things design,

I dream of becoming a professional computer animator – starting my BA in 3d animation on the 28th September 2009 at the University of Hertsfordshire,

I love – a simple statement that can describe me…fun loving but with a rather short fuse ( I am working on it);

I created this blog to give you a glimpse into the life of a dreamer, a girl from a simple upbringing, ok…poor upringing that loves to work hard to achieve what she wants!

This is my life… a dreamer’s honest opinion on …  stay tuned!

Official Website – (forever under construction)